Interview to Paolo Zeriali -

Σάβ, 01/06/2013 - 16:00

Theodore Katsanevas


Greek Democratic Movement Five Stars


Interview to Paolo Zeriali -, Italy




1 - Drachma Five Star is a new political party with a precise target: to bring Greece out of Eurozone and get back the national monetary sovereignty. How do you think to achieve it? Which will be the steps of this phasing out?


Yes, our party’s precise target is the exit from the euro via α controlled bankruptcy by cutting about 50-70% of total debt, with a grace period of two years to start repayment of the remaining and  by extending the repayment period. The new drachma will be deflated and can be directed at levels of a reasonable rate linked with a basket of currencies which will contain the euro, the dollar and other soft currencies of our competitive countries. Another solution is to be linked with currencies of  southern European countries, provided that a coalition between them will be established. At the same time, there is a need for government spending cuts, modernizing public administration, social insurance and health care, combating corruption, impunity, bureaucracy and reducing tax evasion. An active development policy is also necessary in order to support healthy industrial and manufacturing units and promoting strategic sectors of the economy to alternative energy, exploiting oil, gas and mineral resources,  quality and marine tourism, competitive and/or quality agricultural crops, aquaculture, food industry and fertilizers, of defense products, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, transportation, financial services, new technologies, research and innovation. But for all that, should the country be ruled by a sense of fairness with efficiency, competence and honesty by the best political human force and not by the worse.


2 - You've had close relations with the Greek establishment. Why is the ruling class of Athens so stubbornly tied to Euro and to Trojka's diktat agenda?


Personally, I had close relationship with the first period of Andreas Papandreou Government, who was not well assimilated with the so-called deep establishment. The old ruling class in Greece has a long history of subordination to the foreign factor and this explains, to a certain extent, their attachment to the Euro and the Troika’ dictatorship.


3 - A united Europe was Napoleon's dream, then Hitler's dream and later a U.S. plan in the strategy of containment of Communism. Why did leftist parties fall in love with Europe?


Are they really leftists all those who confuse the internationalism of the people and of labour with the multiculturalism and the monetarist globalisation of the casino capitalism ?


4 - Why Five Star? Is Beppe Grillo's movement a model to export outside Italy?


The Beppe Grillo expresses the indignation of the Italian people against the rotten political establishment of the country, which accepted and imposed  policies of extreme austerity within a tough euro; This deadly combination that is killing Italy, all southern Europe and not only. Such a main cause is indeed in itself a model for other countries. Yet, our party called “Drachma, Greek Democratic Movement of Five Stars” focuses   on the following five basic issues: 1) overthrow the Memorandum, 2) return to the drachma, 3) robust growth, 3) national dignity, 5) social justice. The Drachma 5, cooperates with political actors, movements, initiatives and individuals, with a focus on return to national currency and for this purpose, raises the issue of referendum. We also promote the creation of an alliance of countries in southern Europe. 


5 - Mainstream media stopped covering Greece. Now in your country is all right? Is crisis over? Tell me what's happening for the lower class?


The modern Greek tragedy, now in its fifth year, is getting worse.  The more and more painful austerity measures for Greece imposed by the Troika, lead us to worse days in a barrel without a bottom. Deer depression, huge unemployment, excessive compression of labor rewards and of pensions, other for being inhumane, are uneconomic. They lead to a large drop of domestic demand, as well as to wide social uprising with tragic economic and social consequences. Our international economic competitiveness drops dramatically from the period before entering the euro zone in 2001, up to today.  So, being unable to restore our productive capacity, there is a perpetuation of misery and poverty, of new deficits and a spiral of new loans, a permanent political and economic subordination. Our accession to the euro was supposed to improve, if not for the welfare of the Greek economy. But the opposite happened. Never in the postwar period living with our currency, the drachma, had we seen such a disaster like this. The hard euro might be the right glove mainly for central and north European countries, but not for the south. In any case, the combination of  the hard euro with austerity policies  and monetary gabling capitalism, is killing Europe as a whole. And this must change.  



6 - Do you hope to leave only Euro or the E.U. itself? If so, what's the role of Greece in the global scene? 


I hope that the countries of the south and in particular big Italy, our brother country, will lead the marching out of the euro-hell.  We must all do the same and try to re-create a really good Europe of solidarity and cohesion, the Europe that cares for its people and not for the banks. 


Theodore Katsanevas ( Ph.D., L.S.E.)


Professor of economics at the University of Piraeus and ex member of the Greek Parliament