Deutschlandfunk radio covers Katsanevas Th.

Δευ, 06/05/2013 - 11:15

May 24(EIRNS )In a special on the anti-euro parties in Greece, Deutschlandfunk radio reported: "The return to the drachma is also being called for by the economics professor Theodoros Katsanevas. For many years he was, as a member of the socialist Pasok, member of the Greek parliament. With his new party, Drachma 5 Stars, he now wants to convince disappointed center-left voters."

(Katsanevas says) "The indicators are self-evident. My students and I have found that at times of crisis, the euro is pulling the countries in the south—at the periphery of Europe—into the abyss. Countries however that are not in the eurozone, like Great Britain, Poland or Czechia, are being shaken by the crisis for a short period, but can recover fast."

"The option of devaluing a national currency at such times is essential for the economy of a country, Katsanevas says, referring to experts like peace nobel prize for economics winner Paul Krugman and the German economist Hans-Werner Sinn. Katsanevas discards warnings against coneseunces of a 'Grexit'."

"For a long time," Katsanevas told DL radio, "we have been told horror scenarios that, if we exit from the euro, our life will be hell. We have been indoctrinated that the drachma is something very bad and that the euro is something good. But it is exactly the opposite." Katsanevas, the report says, has calculated that after a transition period of two years, there will be an upswing again for the Greek economy. (the report also says Latsanevas has made contact with the Grillo and Lucke parties).